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The benefits of white clay for the face

White clay is a clay that remains relatively unknown, and yet its benefits for the face are very numerous. Also for body and hair. White clay is also known as kaolin, the basis for the manufacture of porcelain and also used in the paper industry. White clay gets its white, even greyish color, from its high alumina content (more than 30%) and the low presence of iron.

Unlike green clay which is more suitable for oily and combination skin, white clay is suitable for all skin types, even the most mature. And that's why it's a miracle product that you shouldn't hesitate to abuse. Because its benefits are very numerous : it is purifying, moisturizing, softening, restorative, antiseptic and detoxifying. You will understand if you have skin that is a source of tightness or inflammation, this white clay is made for you. Sensitive skin, please read the following carefully. Oily skin, also ! Finally, everyone who cares about men's beauty !!


White clay reveals the radiance of the skin

If you look a little gray and you are constantly told at the office that you look tired, then I advise you to make masks with white clay. Indeed, one of the main benefits of white clay is to reveal the radiance of the skin. How ? White clay is a perfect natural gentle exfoliant for the skin, which will therefore remove dead cells. It is therefore recommended to use a white clay soap at least once a week.

White clay to fight against wrinkles

White clay has a recognized natural lifting effect. It is for this reason that it is good to apply it as a mask on the face once a week, especially for mature skin. White clay also helps regenerate skin cells.

White clay to moisturize the skin


In this case, it may be recommended for people with oily skin, because the white clay will have a beneficial effect on excess sebum, while moisturizing the skin. This point is important for people prone to oily skin because they feel like they don't have to moisturize their skin. Well if. And white clay will do both.

White clay for white teeth

White clay is indeed known to have a whitening effect on the teeth. Instead of toothpaste, you can put white clay in the form of a paste (mixed with water) directly on the toothbrush.


How to make your own healthy glow mask with white clay?

Pour white clay into a bowl that you will mix with mineral water (not tap water, especially if it is calcareous). To this preparation, add organic rose floral water, I have already talked about it on the blog, which is known to refresh the complexion. Apply the mask for a few minutes and remove it. Don't wait until the mask has become too dry, it's not good for the skin.


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