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The anal jewel: everything you need to know.

Here is a little gem that will delight many of you, whether you are a woman or a man. The anal jewel, which is also called a jewel anal plug or a diamond anal plug, is one of the prettiest butt plugs that can exist today. Although it may very well be suitable for men, the anal jewel is considered to be the perfect anal plug for women.

Through this article we will give you all the details and all our advice on anal jewelry.

What is an anal jewel?

The anal jewel is simply an anal plug that is much more aesthetic than other forms of plugs. Indeed, some types of anal plugs can be vulgar and scary. Moreover, this may be one of the reasons why a person will not dare to take the step of anal penetration, sodomy, because plugs, especially if they are large, can be scary. At least, this is not the case with an anal jewel, we can even say that they are very pleasant to look at. And aesthetics is their main strength.

Concretely, an anal jewel is therefore a plug that will have the appearance of jewelry, by the presence of a fake precious stone at its end, a fake diamond. This diamond can have different shapes, we will talk about this later in the article. This diamond will thus bring it a certain touch, glamorous, seductive, pleasant to see, and one can even say chic. Which is all the same a shame for a sex toy that is intended to be put in an anus!


Who is anal jewelry for?

Because the anal jewel is pretty to see, it can address two types of people (mainly women):

  • on the one hand, to a person who does not dare anal penetration, for various reasons besides. Either because she's afraid of hurting, or because she thinks it's dirty, or even because the plugs don't suit her at all, perhaps too vulgar. The anal jewel is chic and cute, and generally small in size. It is indeed a bit like an anal plug for beginners. The anal jewel will therefore be perfect to tempt someone to experiment with anal penetration.

  • but being that the anal jewel is like a jewel, you can also offer it to a person more experienced with anal penetration, for his birthday, for Valentine's Day, or simply to please him. This can indeed change from the usual bouquets of flowers, at least you can also enjoy it!

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The different types of anal jewelry

Like any jewel that you will be able to find in a jewelry store, you will be able to find a wide choice to please yourself by buying an anal jewel. Here are the main types.

The diamond-style anal jewel

The diamond-style anal jewel is the anal jewel that you will find more frequently. It therefore consists in proposing a precious stone like a diamond as a decorative element. However, you can find other styles of stone, less precious, or even wood instead of diamonds. But of course, that takes away all its chic side.

The silicone anal jewel

The silicone anal jewel is a very good compromise for all people who are new to butt plugs. The silicone material is indeed pleasant for two reasons:


  • on the one hand, the silicone is very pleasant to the touch, very soft, as if velvety. We are not here with cold and hard materials like glass or metal.

  • moreover, it is a slightly flexible material, which will therefore be more pleasant to penetrate into the anus.

plug anal bijou silicone.jpg

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The blooming anal jewel

Here is an anal jewel which is very pretty, perhaps less bling bling than with a diamond, the flower anal jewel. The diamond is therefore replaced here by a flower, like a rose depending on the model, satin or shiny. It is therefore an anal jewel that is perhaps a little more classy, and which will suit a greater number of women. And even to men, it is known that men like to receive flowers.

plug anal fleur 2.jpg
plug anal fleur 1.jpg

The textured anal jewel

If you want to have even more sensations, in this case we advise you to opt for a textured anal jewel! These jewels have the particularity of having grooves, streaks, which will even more tickle the nerve endings of your anus. So much more pleasure than with a simple anal plug.

plug anal bijou texture.jpg

How to use the anal jewel?

If you have just purchased an anal jewel, here are our recommendations to make the most of it.

Use lube with anal jewelry

The anus is not an area that naturally lubricates itself, even with excitement. It will therefore be necessary to apply lubricant, to make the anal jewel penetrate the anus, but also to take pleasure. Indeed, the gliding sensation provided by the lubricant excites a large number of people.

To apply the lubricant, it is recommended:

  • to put it well on the anal jewel, do not hesitate to put a certain dose of it

  • to also apply it on your anus

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

Gently use your anal jewel

If this is your first time using an anal jewel, we recommend:

  • to make it penetrate very slowly into your anus, so as not to have pain. Before that, we even recommend that you insert a finger, or even several, always with lubricant, to properly dilate your anus. The more your anus is dilated, the less pain you will have and the more you will enjoy the beautiful sensations that your anal jewel can offer.

  • likewise, once you have inserted your anal jewel in your anus, do not hesitate to make light movements back and forth. Do not be brutal, the goal is to take the maximum pleasure.

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