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The travel blog of the French Male


Through this travel blog integrated into Male French, I will highlight all my trips that I have been able to make, abroad of course but also in France because our country is full of magnificent corners. Because casually, I move a lot.

Via this French Male travel blog, you will find my tips for hotels, restaurants, places to visit, etc. A kind of road book to help you organize your own trips.

A simple travel blog.

Via Le Male Français, I wanted to integrate a travel blog because I love to travel, I love discovering new places, and having the chance to live in Nice, its airport allows us to go to many destinations, quickly . Via this travel blog, I will present to you all the destinations I visit, with the idea of presenting you as a guide my different itineraries. I give you my opinions on the destinations, the places that I have visited, the restaurants that I have been able to test, a bit like a road book. A travel blog that wants to be simple, as if I was presenting my trip to friends.

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