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What is the best butt plug for gays?

plug anal gay

We recently had the request, by message, to know which was the best gay butt plug. So between us, it's a question that surprised us a little on first reading, then borderline shocked. Why should there be a gay butt plug? Do gays have specific expectations regarding anal penetration, different from people with another sexuality? So, we decided to make an article about this famous gay anal plug, in order to try to find this question: why did someone try to have a gay anal plug?

Does the gay-specific anal plug exist?

This is obviously the question we asked ourselves. Because, as anal plug experts (lol), we never said to ourselves:

  • like this plug is for straight people

  • hold this plug is for gays

  • like this plug is for men between 20 and 22 years old

  • like this plug is for women from 50 years old

We never thought that the anal plug could be categorized! Because, between us, an anus is an anus! Whatever the person, age, gender, sexuality!!

So of course, there is no such thing as a gay butt plug. A person should choose an anal plug based on:

  • of his experience with anal penetration or with anal initiation . Someone who is starting out will take a beginner's anal plug , or even an inflatable anal plug , while a more experienced person, especially in the work of dilation, can choose a large anal plug , such as the XXL anal plug .

  • of his tastes, this implies in particular the material of the plug! Someone who wants softness will take a silicone butt plug while people who want harder materials will opt for a glass butt plug or even a metal butt plug.

  • of his desires:  do you want a simple conical anal plug or a rosary anal plug whose small balls will give you additional sensations? Likewise, do you want a vibrating butt plug or a remote control butt plug to play with even more?


As you will have understood, we do not choose an anal plug according to his sexuality, but according to his abilities, his desires and his tastes. So forget it: there is no gay butt plug!

Our selection of gay anal plugs

Again, there is no such thing as a gay butt plug! It's even completely ridiculous to talk about it. Nevertheless, we have found plugs that could make the gay community smile because they use the colors of the Rainbow flag. We will present them to you below.

Rainbow-style gay butt plug

Of course, we couldn't talk about a gay butt plug without mentioning the rainbow butt plug! This anal plug indeed wears the colors of the gay community. So between us, it's super pretty and gives a little color to anal penetration! This can be a great gift for a birthday, for example, it's fun, it's funny and at the same time it's very practical!

Click on the image below to access the Rainbow anal plug

plug anal gay 2.jpg

The unicorn-style gay butt plug

Another style of gay butt plug you can find is the unicorn butt plug . So let's say we tend to have tailed butt plugs more, except the tail is curled unicorn horn style. Of course you will have understood why we put the anal plug as a "gay anal plug", the tail is in the colors of the rainbow.

Click on the image below to access the unicorn anal plug

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