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How to treat a pubic boil?

A boil is a bacterial subcutaneous infection located in the hair follicle, the envelope that contains the hair. And of course, you have hair follicles almost everywhere on the body, except for certain places like the lips or the soles of the feet. And so, you have it on the pubic area, which is why you can also have a pubic boil like you can also have a buttock boil .


Below are my tips for properly treating a boil on your buttocks. You can also find a video at the bottom of this article in which I give my advice on boils.

Pubic Boil Information

What causes a pubic boil?

The causes of pubic boils are very numerous, very varied, and can ultimately affect anyone, even if one population is particularly at risk: young men with oily skin (usually in adolescence). But you should know that certain elements can also trigger the arrival of a pubic boil, such as:


  • insufficient hygiene on the private parts, including the pubis.

  • excessive sweating on the pubic area,

  • wearing tight underwear, such as boxers for men.

You should know that a pubic boil can also happen after a hair removal session, especially if you have decided to shave your pubis with a used or poorly disinfected razor blade.



It is noted that people with certain characteristics can have a pubic boil:

  • people with diabetes,

  • people who are overweight,

  • people taking medical treatment with corticosteroids,

  • immune deficient patients,

  • people who have sores on the pubic area.

Finally, the bacteria responsible for pubic boils (and any boils) is highly contagious. Thus, if you have a furuncle in the pubis in particular, avoid all sexual intercourse until it is cured.

The bacterium that causes pubic boils

In any case, the pubic boil is most often due to staphylococcus aureus which is a very contagious bacterium. You should know that we can all be carriers of Staphylococcus aureus, which lives on the surface of our skin. But for various reasons, it can get into the skin and nestle in the hair follicle and infect it. It is the birth of the furuncle in the pubis if it touches this area. It takes only a few days, two to five days, for the bacteria to infect the hair follicle.

How does a pubic boil appear?

The pubic hair follicle has several stages in its life:


  • in the first days of the infection, you will see a very red and hard pimple which will grow at the level of the hair. You will quickly feel that it is a boil because you will have some pain when touching it.

  • then the pimple will fill with stink, and have a whitish appearance and will evolve into a pustule. It is from the moment when the stink will be evacuated that the pain will fade.

How to avoid pubic boil?

It is relatively simple to avoid the appearance of a boil in the pubis, it is enough to respect certain rules:

  • At first, it is imperative to have impeccable hygiene on the area of the private parts (and on the whole body of course). If you are a man, you can find several articles written on this subject:


Article to read: How to wash your penis, my advice

Article to read: Smegma, how to remove white deposits on the glans?

  • also be careful when you wax the bikini line or wax the private parts . Check that the accessories you are going to use are in perfect condition, and quickly disinfect the area if you have cut yourself with the razor.

  • avoid wearing too tight underwear, prefer loose products, ideally cotton.

furoncle pubis.jpg

How to treat a pubic boil?

What to do if you have a pubic boil?

If you have a pubic boil, here are our tips of the things you should do:

  • at first, leave the pubic boil alone. It is true that the first tempting thing to do, as with any pimple, or even a blackhead, is to touch it. It's worse than anything to do that, because you will damage it, and you risk spreading it (remember that it is contagious).

  • do not hesitate to go to the doctor if:

    • the furuncle in the pubis is very painful.

    • if several boils are present on the pubis, and form a plaque, this is called carbuncle.

    • whether the pubic boil comes back regularly

Steps to cure a pubic boil

As you will have understood, you have to be careful as soon as you have a pubic boil. If you have a pubic boil:

  • if you decide to touch it (not to do), wash your hands well and especially your nails, to remove any bacteria and microbes that may be there.

  • do not hesitate to apply a warm compress to the pubic boil 3 to 4 times a day to soften it.

  • use a topical antibiotic until the pus comes out of the pubic boil on its own. This can last up to 10 days.

  • as soon as the boil has burst naturally, disinfect it well.


Disinfectant antiseptic care: gently disinfects face and body, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Natural tips for treating a pubic boil

If you want to treat your pubic boil, treat it naturally, then you have several options.


First, you can apply 1-2 drops of true lavender essential oil directly to the pubic boil. Be careful, however, check well before you are not allergic to this essential oil by putting a drop on your wrist. If there is no reaction then you can apply it on your pubic boil. If you don't want to apply the essential oil alone, pure, then you can mix it with vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil or castor oil.

Then you can use honey that you will mix with a spoonful of yeast and a spoonful of wheat flour. Normally, we all have honey at home. You can indeed take a good dab of honey, preferably organic, and apply the mixture directly to the pubic boil, for a good 10 minutes. Of course, during this time, it is not recommended to wear underwear that would interfere with the application of this honey-based mask. After the 10 minutes, you can then rinse. This operation is to be carried out every day, until the pubic furuncle matures.

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