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How to fight against the pale complexion?

lutter contre teint pâle

The pale complexion is the main effect of the gray mine. And yet we all seek to look good. Here are my tips for tackling pale skin tone.

There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning and seeing a pale complexion in the mirror. So we can have a pale complexion naturally, in this case we will apply products daily to have a more beautiful complexion, such as makeup for men . But one can also have a pale complexion periodically. Generally, moreover, it is colleagues or friends who tell us that we look tired. Basically it's because you have a pale complexion.

Below are my tips for tackling pale skin tone.

Why do we have pale skin?

The reasons why we can have a pale complexion are very varied:

  • it can simply be related to our skin type. For once it's genetics, our complexion is pale and we have to deal with it!

  • the pale complexion can be linked to a moment of fatigue. It is therefore only temporary, we know very well that only one good night's sleep can be suffered to cope with it.

  • pale complexion can also come at certain times of the year. This is usually the case towards the end of autumn, the beginning of winter. This pale complexion is simply due to a lack of sun, the tan is no longer present.

  • but pale complexion can also be linked to deficiencies, whether in iron or certain vitamins. Generally this is accompanied by a certain fatigue. In this case of course, an appointment with the doctor is recommended in order to take a blood test for analysis.

Facial care for pale complexion

To fight against the pale complexion, it is enough either to have a good beauty routine, or to cheat...

Facial scrub against pale complexion

If you are not a fan of facial exfoliation but you regularly have a pale complexion, you will have to integrate this treatment into your beauty routine ! Indeed, the pale complexion is most of the time due to a face that is not thoroughly cleansed. Thus, the accumulation of dead cells and sebum on the face can accentuate the pale complexion. We must not forget that the skin regenerates approximately every 28 days, it varies from person to person, and a certain number of dead skin cells remain on the face. Inevitably, this will hide the natural color of your face. The facial scrub will remove them and deeply cleanse your skin, thus reviving its radiance and reducing the pale complexion.

A micellar water against the pale complexion

If you don't feel like scrubbing your face once a week, or if you really want to fight dull complexion on a daily basis, then you can use a micellar water . Micellar water will indeed work like a facial scrub but in a more gentle way, hence the fact that you can use it every day. It will thus rid the skin of all its impurities, such as dead cells.

Self-tanner against pale complexion

If you really want to look good and stop looking pale for a day, you always have the self-tanning remedy ! Or terra cotta, depending on your desires. Very effective to face an unexpected meeting or a romantic date, of course this type of product will only cover the pale complexion and will not bring any solution to face it definitively !

autobronzant homme.png

The illuminator against the pale complexion

Another product that will allow you to cope with your pale complexion, is the illuminator. Very little known to men (because no brand of cosmetics for men offers it), illuminator is a treatment widely used by women. This product applies:

  • On the cheekbones to give relief.

  • On the lip to make it more voluminous.

  • At the corner of the eye to illuminate the look.

  • On the temple to attract light.

enlumineur teint.png

Makeup against pale complexion

Last type of product that you could use to mask pale complexion and look good is makeup for men . More and more brands are offering make-up for men, with products that are easy to use and above all, that don't show too much! You will be able to apply foundation for men on your face, without it having an excessively powdery effect. Finally, on the condition of not applying three tons! Be careful to choose the right complexion color to keep the effect as natural as possible.

BB cream against pale complexion

Last care that you could apply on your skin against the pale complexion is the BB cream. This treatment straight from South Korea is a true miracle treatment for instantly looking good and saying goodbye to a pale complexion. The BB cream for men has two main advantages:

  • it is very easy to apply, like a simple face cream

  • it not only hides the pale complexion but also helps to moisturize the skin. So it is not necessary to apply a moisturizer.

A healthy lifestyle against pale complexion

Tobacco promotes pale complexion

One of the most important beauty treatments you can do to maintain healthy skin and combat pale complexion is to cleanse it well. And it is necessary to do it morning and evening, since your skin has become encumbered with dust, pollution, microbes, etc. during your day. Of course, it is necessary to use a cleansing product adapted to your skin.

The facial steam bath can also be a good solution, to be carried out once a week, before doing your facial scrub, for example. The steam bath will indeed help to loosen the pores of your skin in order to make the extraction of blackheads easier.

A good diet against pale complexion

Food plays a major role for our skin and its radiance. The worse you eat, the more your skin will show it, especially fat. This promotes oily skin, for example. Thus, to fight against the pale complexion, it will be necessary to fill up with vitamins, in particular vitamins C, B and E. It will also be good to eat products that contain beta-carotene, which is found not only in carrots, but also in apricot, mango and melon.

Rest against pale complexion

We can never say it enough, being rested is a rule to respect to have a good look. There's no point slathering a whole bunch of men's makeup on your face if you don't get to the root of the problem. Generally, a pale complexion is synonymous with a person who is tired, even if it does not seem like it. Also, don't hesitate to go to bed earlier so you can recover from sleep and say goodbye to your pale complexion !

Improve blood circulation against pale complexion

Another trick to stop having a pale complexion is to promote blood circulation, all over the face. Blood circulation can indeed be disturbed if you are stressed or if you no longer play sports. So, unless you go back to sport, to improve blood circulation in the face, you have several options :

  • At the level of the beard (which therefore includes the cheeks, the cheekbones, the chin, the mustache, and the neck), do not hesitate to brush the beard this part of the face with a beard brush , even if you do not have no beard ! The bristles of the brush will play an essential role in promoting blood circulation. What's more, it will be good for your beard hair when you decide to let it grow, you will end up with a beautiful beard and a thick beard . You can brush your beard every day.

  • you can also do a beard scrub from time to time, not only to deep clean the beard but also the skin under the beard. The beard scrub indeed makes it possible to accelerate the blood circulation of the face and therefore to have a better look and to put an end to the pale complexion.

  • At the level of the eye contour, and especially at the level of dark circles, do not hesitate to make small massages with the index finger, from the inner corner of the eye to the end. This will activate blood circulation and thus restore color to this part of the face.

Aesthetic medicine against pale complexion


If you really have a pale complexion and you no longer want to hide this complexion with artifices such as make-up or self-tanning, then you can have recourse to certain aesthetic medicine treatments. Through the aesthetic medicine blog you can have some advice. But for example, I tested the Kleresca treatment, which boosts the production of collagen and therefore looks better. I invite you to find my article below.

Article to read: I tested Kleresca at the Clinique del Mar, my opinion .






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