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Male beauty and well-being

The beard with little care

Let's go on a trip together!

Fashion and lifestyle blog for men by Jonathan

Find on this lifestyle blog for men all the subjects that concern men today.

Le Male Français is a men's lifestyle blog founded by Jonathan that deals with a wide variety of topics, ranging from men's fashion to men 's beauty , from decoration to well-being, from places to do in Nice to trips to Europe. roadtrip. Through this lifestyle blog for men, I try to show you what I really liked, whatever the field, in all simplicity, as if I were talking to friends. I thus explore through this blog all aspects of the life of a man who loves fashion, travelling, taking care of himself, playing sports. A blog that wants to be totally relaxed, to put in your favorites because many articles are published every week. Here you will find fashion and style advice, best practices for dressing well, look ideas, as well as the main trends, but also beauty advice for men or for the beard through guides. You will even find sex toy tests , and yes it contributes to the well-being of men!

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