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Blog about Nice and the French Rivierag


Although Breton, I moved to Nice nearly 12 years ago and fell in love with it. Through this blog of Nice and the Côte d'Azur, I will make you discover the restaurants, the bars, the places to visit that I like and thus facilitate your next visit to Nice and the Côte d'Azur.

Many of you come to visit Nice. And I understand you, Nice and the Côte d'Azur are one of the most beautiful destinations... in the world! It's not me who says it, but all the tourists from all over the world who come to visit Nice. It must be said that with its airport, the second largest in France, Nice attracts people. Finally, I don't know if it's Nice that attracts the world or if it isn't rather its beaches, the azure color of the sea, Old Nice, the terraces for an aperitif or lunch in the sun, the nearby mountains, socca, pissaladière, gnocchi... and so on! Because there are so many things to do when you come to visit Nice.

Also, I decided to give you my advice for visiting Nice. Many of you ask me questions on Facebook or Instagram about places to visit in Nice, hotels or accommodation or restaurants in which to dine. So, I have grouped all your requests here so that you can find them easily. Whether it's for a day, for a weekend or for a longer vacation, I've created a real advice guide for you to visit Nice. Here are my tips for visiting Nice!

Nice blog: my articles to discover Nice

Sources of inspiration

Nice blog to discover Nice and the Côte d'Azur

Why a blog about Nice and the Côte d'Azur ?


Le Male Français blog is not only a men's blog that deals with beauty for men , but it is also a blog about Nice on which I will give you advice for visiting Nice . Whether you come to visit Nice in a day or whether you come to visit Nice in a weekend . Why talk about this magnificent city of Nice ? There are simply several reasons for this.


A blog about Nice to help people discover this city

I've been living in Nice for almost 10 years now and when I arrived, I didn't expect to stay there that long. I fell in love with this city of Nice. And especially for one point in particular, its living environment. I think Nice offers one of the most beautiful living environments in France. Imagine : a city which benefits from one of the greatest hours of sunshine in France. A city that has the sea right in the city center. A city which is only 1h30 from the first ski resorts. So much so that around April, you can go skiing during the day and have an aperitif by the sea in the evening. It's not the dream. Yes, believe me. When you come from Paris, and even from the Parisian suburbs, as was my case, I can tell you that every day, I take advantage of the chance that I 've to live in Nice.

And yet, when I arrived in Nice, it was far from the image I had of it. Anyway, apart from thinking that Nice was a "  ville de vieux ", I didn't really have any particular image of this city.

Nice is above all a magnificent city ! And I didn't expect that at all. Its old Nice is splendid, it is a real pleasure to stroll through its alleys, get lost there, discover its shops, eat there in the evening on the terrace, have ice cream. Rue Jean Médecin, the commercial artery of the city, is dynamic. And its splendid hinterland, allowing hikes with views of both the mountains and the sea.

But beyond its geographical location, Nice delights us with its culinary flavors : socca, pissaladière, stuffed vegetables, gnocchi… Real specialties that make it a city in which we enjoy ourselves. Its many restaurants, its cafés on the terrace, the city of Nice promises us a treat. In this Nice blog, I will make you want to eat niçois !

Also, through this blog dedicated to the city of Nice, I want to show it in another light, to make you discover this city and make you want to come and spend a weekend there, or even a vacation over several days.


A blog about Nice because it's a city on the move


I have therefore been living in Nice for ten years and I must say that the city has changed profoundly over this period. And in good !! The city of Nice has indeed undergone a profound transformation, major changes, which have had a real impact on its face. Of course, I cannot fail to mention the creation of the Coulée verte, in the heart of the city, which has become a favorite place for the people of Nice to walk. And especially children with its many playgrounds. I also cannot fail to mention the creation of line 2 of the tramway, which allows travel from east to west in the city. This has allowed neighborhoods to be more accessible, in particular, for me, the port area which is changing.

A blog about Nice because it is a beautiful region


Talking about Nice is one thing, but the interest of this Nice blog is also to tell you about these surroundings. Because the hinterland of Nice and even a little further, near Cannes for example or Menton, are places to discover too! If I talk to you about villages like Eze, Saint Paul de Vence, La Turbie, etc., does that speak to you? Well these are nuggets. Also, in this Nice blog, I will also highlight the surroundings of Nice, essential to visit if you are present several days in the region.

A blog about Nice to give you my good addresses in Nice


And when I say that Nice is a city on the move, this is also reflected in the opening of many trendy restaurants, gastronomic or semi-gastro restaurants, Nice restaurants for quick meals or Nice restaurants for brunch. Concept stores are also starting to open and the city now welcomes pop-up stores.

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