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Fashion blog for men

No no don't worry! I do not claim through the blog Le Male Français to become a guru of men's fashion! Through this section, I just want to introduce you to brands that I discover and that I like to wear. A fashion blog in all simplicity, without taking the lead. Because I am not a journalist, but just a fashion enthusiast for men!

A fashion and lifestyle blog for men


The Le Male Français blog is of course a blog that mainly talks about beauty for men, through articles on facial care, hair care or beard products. But loving fashion and having worked in the field of men's ready-to-wear, I will also talk about men's fashion, and more broadly about lifestyle related to men.

Why make a fashion and lifestyle blog for men

So I'm not going to become yet another fashion blog for men, or un  lifestyle blog for men. My goal here is to talk about my discoveries in men's ready-to-wear, men's fashion. Whether it's through my visits to shops or by going for a stroll in the salons because I love it!

So yes, I'm going to talk about men's fashion, but not only! In a broader way I will here deal with subjects related to the daily life of man in general: hobbies, sport, cooking, wine, etc. In short, all subjects that concern the everyday life of men.

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