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Hairstyle for men


In this section of Le Male Français blog , we are going to talk about men's hairstyles ! And yes, men are taking more and more care of their hair. So as I'm in a process of leaving a lot of length for my hair, I'm going to test men's hairdressing products to come! Waxes, gels, shampoos, care, I will present all my tests here.

Hairstyle for men: my advice


Hairdressing for men is today a whole subject, which can be treated in several ways. Because for many years, the hairstyle for men has evolved! In the past, when you went to the hairdresser (and not “to the hairdresser”!!), generally the haircut was relatively simple: short. Point. This was the instruction given to hairdressers by mothers. From now on, when you go to the hairdresser, you have to specify exactly what you want as a hairstyle for men. On pain of leaving disappointed and going back the following week to try to catch up … what we can.

Hairdressing for men: a growing interest among men

Because the hairstyle for men has evolved, and the sportsmen are not there for nothing!! Especially football players. To the point that they have become models in terms of men's hairstyles, real influencers. It started with David Beckham a few years ago. Her haircuts were scrutinized down to the smallest detail. From now on, it is the young generation of players who set the trends, in terms of hair color, haircut, and even details (shaving of a hair share, with a precise shape…). It's very simple, the very young generation (the pre-teens) all want to have the same hairstyle as these players.

But beyond that, it shows that today men take more and more care of their hairstyle. This is truly part of their appearance, and of course their power of seduction, their masculinity. So much so that there are trends in hairstyles for men. Each year, new cuts, new ways of doing their hair appear. Men no longer hesitate to change their hairstyles regularly to be on top of fashion. Finally, when the hair allows it. Because men can't do everything when it comes to hairstyles. It depends of course on the hair itself, even, problematic in men, if they can really do it (we are talking about baldness???).

Hairdressing for men: many hair treatments

The men's hairdressing market has exploded in recent years. Many hairdressing brands have appeared on the market and offer a wide choice of products. To comb your hair. To take care of her hair. We're not just talking about shampoo or conditioner. We also talk about styling wax, styling gel, moisturizing hair care, food supplement... all this to show off with the most beautiful of hairstyles, without having a hair sticking out. Today, a man's bathroom has nothing to do with that of our grandparents. Hairdressing for men has become a real business, a real market. We even see more and more coloring products, for example, while gray hair is normally highly appreciated by women.

Through the blog Le Male Français , my goal is to inform about the different trends in men's hairstyles. I test many hairdressing products for men and I give you my opinion. Quite simply, of course.

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