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How to get rid of acne in men?


Acne in men can be a great source of annoyance. Here are my tips for fighting acne in men and taking care of his acne-prone skin.

Male acne is a real problem for many people, especially young men. Not only is this not at all aesthetic but it can also be a source of mockery from some malicious people. And when it happens in adolescence, where we generally lack self-esteem, it can be a very complicated time to live. But you should also know that acne in men can also occur in adulthood and is therefore not a phenomenon that only affects the period of adolescence.

Here are my tips for taking care of acne-prone skin and fighting acne in men.


Why do we have acne in men?

Acne in men for hormonal reasons

Hormones are the main cause of the arrival of acne in men, and it is at the time of puberty that the level of hormones is one of the highest and in particular the level of testosterone (which is a male-only hormone).

You should know that in the vast majority of cases, acne in men will disappear after a few years, entering adulthood. But, depending on hormonal imbalance, acne in men can reappear in adulthood. This can happen especially with the taking of certain medications.

Acne in men for hereditary reasons

You will have to blame your ancestors! Because indeed acne in men can come for hereditary reasons, you can simply have oily skin, which will naturally produce excess sebum. On the contrary, some will have dry skin, skin that does not produce enough sebum but this also makes it very sensitive to external aggressions.

In this case, it will be necessary to set up care recommended for oily skin , with the objective of cleaning the excess of sebum and tightening the dilated pores of the skin.

Acne in men for external reasons

You should know that your lifestyle can also have an impact on acne in men, on several levels:

  • if you live in a big city, pollution is a factor in the development of acne because the fine dust will clog the pores of your skin.

  • if you smoke, it also promotes the development of acne because the smoke released will also clog the pores of your skin

What parts of the body are affected by acne in men?


Acne in men appears from the first hormonal changes, usually around 11 or 12 years old. It may even be earlier in some boys. It mainly affects the face, hence the discomfort that it can represent because it is particularly visible. And it will be all the more embarrassing as the acne will be important. Indeed, we are not all equal in front of acne in men, in some it can be weak while very important in others. But acne in men can also affect other parts of the body such as the back, arms and sometimes even the legs.

Treatments to fight acne in men

Below are the skin care products to apply to fight acne in men and take care of acne-prone skin. The idea here is of course to regulate sebum production and above all to remove excess sebum on your face.

Thoroughly cleanse your skin to fight acne in men

The most important gesture when there is acne in men is to cleanse his skin well. To do this, you have two options:

Men's Acne Cleansers

Use a gentle, non-aggressive cleanser. Of course, prefer products that are as natural as possible, without chemicals that will attack the skin. I advise you to clean your face every morning with floral water rather than using a shower gel for example. The presence of essential oils with reduced active ingredients, therefore less aggressive, can soothe your skin or even cleanse it.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can take a cleanser specially adapted for oily skin.

nettoyant visage peau grasse.png

Mattifying paper against acne in men

If your skin feels shiny and oily during the day, you can use matting paper. These are very light sheets of paper which are to be passed over the face a bit like a handkerchief and which will, like a blotter, absorb excess sebum. It's a great way to mattify oily skin during the day.

Cleansing your skin well to fight acne in men is also important to fight pimples with pus inside, the so-called white pimples. Buttons that they must not pierce so as not to damage the skin even more.

Remove makeup well against acne in men

If you are used to putting on make-up for men, especially to hide any acne pimples you may have, it is strongly advised to remove your make-up thoroughly in the evening, as soon as you get home. Indeed, the foundation for example, or a BB cream for men or a CC cream for men will clog the pores of your skin which will then have difficulty breathing. They will thus open, thus giving a nice place to the sebum and, consequently to the pimples. So, above all, do not go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your skin of your make-up products.

A facial scrub against acne in men

Another very important gesture to fight against acne in men is to exfoliate the face once a week. Depending on your sebum production, you can even exfoliate your face twice a week. The benefits of facial scrub are very important against acne in men because it will help unclog pores by removing not only excess sebum but also dead cells. Your pores will no longer be clogged, they will breathe well and you will greatly limit the appearance of blackheads and pimples on the face.

Moisturize your skin even with acne in men

People who have acne-prone skin tend to believe that it is not necessary to moisturize their skin. And yet, acne-prone skin, like all oily skin, needs to be hydrated. To do this, use a light, even mattifying moisturizer that will mask the shine of your skin.

After moisturizing your skin, you can apply men's makeup to hide pimples, such as men's foundation or concealer pen.

My tips for fighting acne in men

Finally, in addition to taking care of your skin to fight acne in men, it is also important to follow certain instructions.

Stress promotes acne in men

If you're stressed, then you need to relax. I know, it's easier said than done! But you should know that stress is a favorable element for the arrival of acne in men. Indeed, stress, anxiety will increase the production of sebum, and therefore necessarily the arrival of pimples.

Also, to relax, don't hesitate to leave your home, whether it's for beautiful walks in the heart of nature or for sports.

Run away from the sun to fight acne in men

We are used to thinking that the sun is our ally against acne pimples. Indeed as soon as we expose ourselves to the sun in summer for example, we have the feeling of having a more beautiful skin. So yes, the first days of exposure to the sun the skin is more beautiful, the pimples dry, but this is only temporary. You should know that exposure to the sun is perceived by the skin as an attack, the heat will indeed attack the hydrolipidic film of the skin, this protective barrier. Thus, to protect itself, the skin will produce more sebum, and therefore promote acne in men.

If you decide to go out and blast yourself in the sun, it will be necessary to apply sunscreen.

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