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Pimples after hair removal, what to do?

Hair removal is a treatment increasingly practiced among men. All parts of the body are affected, some men doing full hair removal. And one of the consequences of waxing is the appearance of pimples after waxing, either immediately after waxing or a few days later, which can be very annoying, even painful. They can also itch which makes you want to scratch a lot. Which is not very classy after depilation of the testicles , depilation of the SIF or even depilation of the buttocks .

Here are my tips to avoid pimples after waxing. I also give you my video tips at the end of this article.

Where do pimples come from after hair removal?

Pimples after waxing mainly have two origins:

Pimples after waxing due to sensitive skin

One of the reasons pimples after waxing can occur is because you have sensitive skin. You can tell if you have this type of skin by the presence of small redness as soon as the temperature changes, for example because your skin is unable to protect itself well. Your skin reacts immediately to the slightest aggression and, of course, waxing is an aggression for it. We must not forget that depilation of the chest , depilation of the legs or depilation of the private parts are not natural acts for the skin. The pimples after depilation thus arrive immediately after having depilated the area.

Pimples after depilation due to improper depilation

The other reason why you may have pimples after waxing, regardless of your skin type, is because the waxing was not done optimally. You wanted to go too fast, you didn't use the right products, you left hair removal cream or wax on too long, you used a used blade if you decided to shave your armpits or shave your testicles , etc.

Pimples after depilation due to germs

Finally, the last reason that can cause pimples after depilation is the presence of microbes, which will take advantage of the area damaged by depilation to rush under the dermis. Hence the fact of having perfectly clean and disinfected hair removal accessories:

  • it will be necessary to disinfect the razor blade , or even wash it

  • it will be necessary to disinfect the spatula of your depilatory cream, which tends to crease on a shelf.

How to avoid pimples after hair removal?


To avoid the appearance of pimples after hair removal, it is necessary to follow certain instructions. Don't worry, it's not very time consuming, these are relatively simple instructions.

Care before waxing to avoid pimples after waxing

Exfoliation to avoid pimples after waxing

If you regularly read my blog articles, you know that I insist a lot on the benefits of exfoliation . It is a treatment that is not only useful for people with oily skin, to prevent the appearance of blackheads. But it is also an excellent treatment to do before hair removal, whatever the part of the body. Why do you need to exfoliate before waxing? There are two good reasons:

  • not only will the scrub deeply cleanse your skin. This will rid your skin of dead cells, which means that the razor or epilator will glide perfectly over the skin. Similarly, the wax, especially the wax strip, will stick perfectly to the skin.

  • then, the scrub will open the pores of the skin, allowing the hair to come more easily. And if you are cozy and you use wax to remove your hair, this is an important element to take into account, source of less pain!!

Of course, use a gentle scrub: the main objective is not to damage the skin, or irritate it.

The shower to avoid pimples after depilation

Take a shower before waxing! It is indeed an act that will facilitate your hair removal, and therefore have fewer pimples after hair removal. Indeed, with the effect of the heat of the water, the hair will soften, it will be less strong and therefore less resistant during the hair removal session. Thus, the hair removal session will be less aggressive for the skin, which will result in fewer pimples after hair removal.

marilou gommage corps.jpg

Gommage fait par les éclats de noyaux d'abricots. Appliquez sur peau humide par massages circulaires, idéalement sous la douche (pas besoin d’appuyer trop fort, les grains sont assez exfoliants), puis rincez à l’eau.

gommage weleda.jpg

Le gommage douche au Bouleau Weleda affine et lisse la peau sans l'irriter. De fines billes de cire de carnauba et de cire d'abeille stimulent la peau et favorisent son renouvellement


La douche pour éviter les boutons après épilation

Passez à la douche avant de faire votre épilation ! C'est en effet un acte qui va permettre de faciliter votre épilation, et donc d'avoir moins de boutons après épilation. En effet, avec l'effet de la chaleur de l'eau, le poil va se ramollir, il sera moins fort et donc moins résistant lors de la séance d'épilation. Ainsi, la séance d'épilation sera moins agressive pour la peau, ce qui se traduira par moins de boutons après épilation.

bouton apres epilation.jpg

Gestures during hair removal to avoid pimples after hair removal

Take your time to avoid pimples after hair removal

You will have understood it with the previous points, the most important thing to avoid pimples after depilation is to carry out your depilation properly. So, you will have to take your time and not go too fast. Not only so as not to attack the skin but above all to avoid going over the same area several times. Passing the wax several times over the same area of hair will in all cases cause pimples after waxing, that is obvious.

So, sit down quietly, take the time you need to do your waxing properly.

Remove the hair well to avoid pimples after depilation

Another thing to do to avoid pimples after depilation is not to remove the hair in the opposite direction of its growth. Contrary to what many people do elsewhere. Removing the hair in the opposite direction to its growth will strongly attack the skin. Always remove the hair in the direction it grows.

Gestures after depilation to avoid pimples after depilation

Disinfectant cotton to avoid pimples after depilation

As we have seen above, one of the reasons that can lead to pimples after waxing are microbes. Thus, to prevent microbes from proliferating and generating numerous pimples after depilation, if you are prone to it, it is advisable to lightly pat the area you are going to depilate with a cotton ball soaked in disinfectant. And this applies to all areas.

Talc to avoid pimples after hair removal

If you use wax to remove your hair, it may cause certain lesions on your skin. In particular by removing the wax strip from your skin if you have fragile skin. Or if you are unable to properly remove the wax strip from your skin.

So, to avoid this, you can put a little talc on your skin before applying the wax: this will prevent the wax from adhering too much to your skin.

Moisturize to avoid pimples after hair removal

When you have finished waxing, it is now time to moisturize your skin to avoid pimples after waxing. To do this, you can use different methods:

  • either use a moisturizer for the body, such as a body milk for example

  • either you can apply vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil.

I advise you to apply aloe vera gel immediately after depilation. Aloe vera is known to soothe and soften your skin.

Exfoliate to avoid pimples after depilation


I also advise you to exfoliate the depilated part a few days after depilation, this will prevent ingrown hairs and therefore pimples after depilation. Always do your exfoliation with a fine grain because your skin has been sensitized.

Slow down hair growth to avoid pimples after waxing

Finally, one of the ways to avoid the appearance of pimples after hair removal is to slow down hair regrowth. Yes, you read it right! It is possible to slow down this hair growth by using two natural treatments:

  • clary sage essential oil

  • or tiger nut essential oil


These two essential oils contain active ingredients that will slow down hair growth.  You can do your own after-depilation treatment to moisturize and slow down hair growth:


  • mix sweet almond oil with one to two drops of these essential oils

  • apply every other day to the depilated area.

What to do with pimples after hair removal?

The two itches you can have after waxing are red pimples, or even pimples related to ingrown hairs. In any case, if you have pimples after depilation: do not touch them! If you touch, pierce or scratch them, you risk increasing the visibility of these pimples and even extending them. Worse, you might still have scars.

Of course, depending on the discomfort caused, you can go to your dermatologist, who will refer you to soothing treatments.

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