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How to properly draw your beard with a beard stencil

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The beard stencil is an accessory that will quickly become essential for all men who want to have a perfect beard outline ! Because the objective in using it is to have a perfectly shaped beard, whether at the level of the cheekbones or at the level of the neck. If for some beard styles, having an ill-defined outline is not a problem, for others, on the contrary, it is a serious fault.


But it is true that it is true that it is not always easy to draw a good beard outline, freehand, especially if you tend to be in a hurry. And yet, having a badly done beard contour, such as not aligned between the two cheeks, with a lower beard on one cheek compared to the other, can quickly break the symmetry of the face. The beard stencil, also known as a beard liner, can therefore be a very useful accessory to avoid disaster and attract the thoughts of the pogonophile .

Below are my tips for using a beard stencil properly.

Why use a beard stencil?

The beard stencil for certain beard styles


As I said in the introduction, some beard styles require a well-defined beard outline, with no hair sticking out. And there's one beard style in particular that demands it, the 10-day beard . As much as certain beards, such as the 3-day beard or the 5-day beard pose no problem, the beard hair being so short, finally it is not disturbing to have an unclear beard line. As well as the hipster beard , or on the contrary a badly drawn beard outline to accentuate the hipster side, the slightly neglected side. But the 10-day beard requires an impeccable beard outline. And in addition, as the hair is relatively long, it is important not to make a mistake in the design of the beard, because it can be seen immediately.

The beard stencil for a perfect beard

But depending on the events of our personal life, even if we wear a short beard , we may be forced to have a perfectly well-designed beard, with a perfect outline:

  • this is particularly the case during a wedding (his or if we are invited), as well as any event where we know that we must be irreproachable

  • but it can also be when looking for a job. Indeed, the beard to have during your job interview will give a lot of information to your interlocutor. If your beard is not perfectly maintained, it can give bad indications about your personality.

The beard stencil for the imprecise

We may have the best equipment to maintain the beard, the best accessories, even after decades of experience, we can still fail in drawing the outline of the beard. How many times has it happened to me, because I went too fast, because I wasn't awake, because I messed up, to shave the outline of my beard too low.

And there are also men who just can't  draw their beards well, to have a nice line, to give it a nice shape. The beard stencil will therefore be perfect to avoid making mistakes, and above all to optimize your beard maintenance session, by not wasting time trying to recover from mistakes.

Which beard stencil to choose?

Just like any beard accessory, the beard stencil market has grown a lot, and there are all kinds of products. And at all prices too, which can quickly become incomprehensible. Because in the end, is it necessary to put a lot of money in a beard stencil?


Here are my tips to help you choose the right beard stencil.

The simple beard stencil

The simple beard stencil is a stencil that will only interest men who want to have a rounded beard outline. And between us, that will be the vast majority of needs. Why ? Because the rounded shape respects the natural line of your beard and your face, you won't break its symmetry. And it suits all face shapes.

If you draw a straight line to draw the outline of the beard, not only will it not look natural, but you will also weigh down your face, giving it a relatively hard look. If you have a round face, this is a style to forget!

pochoir à barbe.png

The complete beard stencil


The beard stencil will allow you not only to work on the outline of the beard at the level of the upper line (the cheekbones), but also at the level of the neck and the ears. This type of stencil will also make it possible to make a straight line at the level of the cheekbones (which I do not recommend, as you will have understood above!).

The complete beard stencil is the one that is systematically found in the beard kit , this famous kit which includes various accessories to maintain and care for your beard. So of course, this complete beard stencil is to be preferred if you want to have help to make all the contours of your beard.

Which beard stencil material to choose

To tell the truth, the material of the beard stencil does not have much importance as to its effectiveness. It will more here be a question of what you want to have:

  • the plastic beard stencil will not be at all suitable for men who have an ecological approach and who have opted for zero waste shaving to properly outline the beard. It will be best to choose a wooden beard stencil.

  • the beard stencil will appeal to all men looking for a nice, noble beard product that will last over time. On the other hand, the wooden beard stencil will be more expensive to purchase than a plastic beard stencil.

  • there is also the metal beard stencil, which will certainly be of excellent quality, unbreakable. But which will not be very warm in use.

How to use a beard stencil?

Before even using your beard stencil, it will be necessary to style the beard to put all the hairs in the right direction. To do this, you can use a beard brush (also ideal for accelerating blood microcirculation and therefore having a beautiful beard) or a beard comb . The beard stencils contain built-in mini combs, between us it's more for troubleshooting than anything else.

Once this is done you then just have to position the beard stencil directly on the part of your beard you want to outline. You can use a razor, safety razor , or straight razor. The illustration below will show you how to position the beard stencil exactly.




How to use a beard stencil on the cheekbones?

To use the beard stencil on the cheekbones, simply run the stencil over the beard and shave all the hair above the stencil. Be careful to position the beard stencil correctly, it should not be too low to prevent your beard from being small in the end. It is advisable to respect the natural line of your beard for an asymmetry with the face.

How to use a beard stencil on the neck?

The beard outline at the neck is also a very important element and will also depend on the style of beard you have. A 3-day beard for example, with a short hair, can afford to have very little hair at the level of the neck, and therefore to shave quite high on the neck. On the contrary, the 10-day beard will require having a certain volume of hair at the level of the neck. In this case, position the beard stencil slightly above the Adam's apple (which must be entirely uncovered with hair).

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