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How to properly lick your partner's feet

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Licking the feet of one's partner is a sexual practice that is increasingly carried out. It must be said that today​ all parts of the body are areas that can quickly become erogenous depending on your partner's attitude.

Here's everything you need to know to properly lick your partner's feet.

Why lick your partner's feet?

There are several reasons why you may want to lick your partner's feet.​

Licking feet because you have a foot fetish


Some men adore feet, to the point that it's their favorite part of their partner's body. Some will look first at the eyes, others will look at the hands, some even at the teeth. Well, there are people who will look first at the feet when they meet a person. It's like that.


Also, much more than being a simple part of the body that they will find beautiful, the feet are for fetishists a real zone of pleasure that they will love to take in their hands, massage, touch, feel. And even put in the mouth to lick their partner's feet. 

Licking feet cause it's an erogenous zone


In some people, the foot is a real erogenous zone, an area that gives them sexual desire, even going to orgasm. This is especially the case with many men. Once again, this varies greatly depending on the men: while some will hate having their feet touched, others on the contrary will take extreme pleasure in having their feet licked, whether it is the toes or the arch. plantar. It's unique to everyone, some like to have their nipples or ears licked, others hate it. The same goes for the feet.

Licking feet to spice up the couple


Licking your partner's feet can also bring new pleasures to your relationship, and this could help break up a certain routine that has set in. ​ Because the fact of discovering new erogenous zones also makes it possible to bring about new gestures, new positions, new pleasures. You still have to talk about it among yourselves. 

Moreover, licking your partner's feet can be a good complement to a sex toy for men, and in particular to a masturbator . Imagine using a male masturbator while having your feet licked for example. 

Impeccable hygiene before licking your feet

It is necessary to follow certain hygiene instructions before licking your partner's feet.​

lick clean feet


Already the first thing to do is to lick your partner's feet when they are clean! ​ Indeed, do not lick your partner's feet after a heavy sports session or after he or she has walked barefoot in the garden. No, to respect a minimum of hygiene, you must ensure that your partner is clean before licking his feet. Thus, the feet should be free of odor that could bother your partner to lick your feet.

Similarly, it is advisable to have perfectly clean feet before licking the feet, in the sense that there are no imperfections: the nails are well cut, the skin is very clean without peeling skin, the heel does not doesn't look like a big crevasse because it's all dry. So, if you are the one getting your feet licked, do not hesitate to get a pedicure for men , your partner will be very grateful to you.

Licking feet with or without hair?

It will be more pleasant for your partner to lick perfectly clean feet, without a hair on the foot. Well, of course, it all depends on the desires and tastes of your partner! So, if your partner likes hairy men and you have hairy feet yourself, then he will be happy to lick hairy feet. 

But in most cases, men prefer to lick unhaired, perfectly shaved feet, even on the toes. It is generally not very pleasant to have hair in the mouth. In this case, it will be necessary to shave or remove foot hair .

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Lécher les pieds avec ou sans poil ?

Il sera plus agréable pour votre partenaire de lécher des pieds parfaitement nets, sans un poil au pied. Bon, bien entendu, tout dépend des envies et des goûts de votre partenaire ! Ainsi, si votre partenaire aime les hommes poilus et que vous avez vous-même des poils au pieds, dans ce cas il va être ravi de pouvoir lécher des pieds poilus. 

Mais dans la plupart des cas, les hommes préfèrent lécher des pieds non poilus, parfaitement épilés, même sur les doigts de pieds. Il n'est de façon générale, pas très agréable d'avoir des poils dans la bouche. Dans ce cas, il va falloir faire un rasage ou une épilation des poils de pieds.

Veet Men.jpg

La Crème Dépilatoire Veet Homme peut être utilisée sur le torse et l'ensemble du corps* *Torse, Dos, Aisselles, Aine, Bras, Jambes

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Crème dépilatoire haut de gamme pour les zones intimes: aine, pubis et fesses


How to lick feet

Here are my tips for how to lick your partner's feet​

If your partner is resistant to having their feet licked 

If you are a foot fetishist and your partner is resistant to having their feet licked, for whatever reason (he/she doesn't like it, he/she is too ticklish, etc.), you will have to go all out. gently...

  • do not hesitate to touch his feet regularly at first, to show him that this is an area that interests you a lot.

  • then, after a while, while you are massaging his leg for example, don't hesitate to bring his foot close to your face and place it on your cheeks, lips, etc. without licking them. 

  • then, kiss his foot, the fingers, the sole, the top of the feet, this will allow you to see if he is sensitive and if he does not withdraw it.

  • finally start putting a toe in your mouth to see his reaction. Above all, take a good look at your partner, stare at him while you do it, your gaze can show him that you take pleasure in licking his feet. Even do not hesitate to masturbate while you lick your partner's feet, this will show him that you really take pleasure. If your partner says nothing, it's winning, you can start licking their feet


If your partner doesn't like licking your feet 

If you like having your feet licked but your partner does not go down to this zone, in this case it will be up to you to show him that the feet are an erogenous zone for you:

  • when you are lying on your back and your partner is bent on his knees, facing you, do not hesitate to put your foot on his chest or chest and slowly go up to his lips._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • if at this stage he/she has not understood the message, you can try to force the blow by trying to open his/her mouth before your toes.

  • if your partner still hasn't understood, in this case, do not hesitate to lick their feet to indicate that the feet are an area for you that you consider very sexual.

What gestures to make to lick the feet?

Your partner agrees to have his feet licked, here are the gestures to apply:

  • you can start gently with the toes by taking them one by one in your mouth, before taking several.

  • do not hesitate to pass your tongue between the toes.

  • then descend on the foot by passing large strokes of the tongue on the soles of the feet, while following the curves of the foot of your partner.


What to do while licking your feet?

Of course, if you lick feet, but that also applies if you have feet licked, in which case you only have one thing to do: enjoy the moment. But rather than just taking care of your partner, why not use a hand to give you even more pleasure?

Masturbate while foot licking

One of the actions you could do while licking your feet is to simply masturbate. Even touching your body, nipples, etc. But be careful, take it slow because if you masturbate at the same time, you risk seeing your concentration go to your penis, rather than your partner's feet!

Masturbating could also show your partner that you really appreciate the present moment!

We invite you to read our article: Tips for masturbating well.

To bring even more sensation to your mastubation , we advise you to use a lubricant, or even better, a warming cream for masturbation like the one we tested below:


Review of Jonathan - The French Male:

Inevitably when I received this cream I hastened to test it. Having a hot sensation on the penis and glans was something I had never experienced. Well it's very very nice! A new sensation that brings additional pleasure to masturbation. So associated with a masturbator or a cock ring, it's a new experience guaranteed!

A masturbator to increase pleasure

If you want to go even further in masturbation, in this case we advise you to use a sex toy . But not just any, a masturbator. This sex toy will indeed offer you even stronger sensations than simple masturbation, thanks to the textures present in the masturbator.

We invite you to read our article: Our selection of masturbators.

We have tested some and here is the masturbator that we recommend, with an excellent quality/price/pleasure ratio!


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration:

It is certainly one of the best masturbators currently. For having tested it, it offers very nice sensations, which will change you from your "masturbation routine". The integration of the penis in this masturbator is very simple, it is ergonomic, easy to handle. And above all, it offers a large number of different vibrations, enough to vary the pleasures! And it's true that the heat function brings a little more not unpleasant at all! In short tested and highly approved !! And above all, very good value for money.

A cock ring to have a bigger penis

If you decide to masturbate while licking your partner's feet, then using a cock ring, also known as a penis ring , could be very helpful. The cock ring will indeed block the blood flow into your penis and therefore increase its size. You will have a bigger penis in your hands.

But what you can also do while licking your feet is to penetrate your partner (even do anal sex ). To do this, you not only have to choose the right position, but above all that your partner is flexible enough to be able to lift his leg sufficiently, thus allowing you to penetrate him/her. The use of a cockring could thus be very useful to give him even more pleasure with a bigger penis.

We recommend the Bond from the specialized brand We-Vibe as a cock ring.


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

The butt plug during foot licking

Another sex toy you could use while licking your feet is to use a butt plug. Yes, you read it right, an anal plug. Anal pleasure is no longer a taboo subject and many men have understood the interest of this area for their pleasure. Don't forget that the prostate, your G-spot, is located in the anus and, when tickled, offers a very great pleasure that can provide an orgasm stronger than an ejaculation! It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Article to read: anal plug: the complete guide .

Here is our selection of anal plugs . Click on the image to access it.

plug ventouse 1.jpg
plug ventouse 2.jpg
plug ventouse 3.jpg
plug anal télécommande.jpg

The poppers while you lick your feet

If you ever like poppers, then having some while you're having your feet licked or while you're licking your feet might be nice for: 

  • increase your pleasure even more

  • develop your sexual arousal and thus let go even more

And yes, the poppers are not only used for the dilation of the anus , they can be used for all sexual practices. Be careful however, even if poppers have been legal in France since 2013, their consumption is not recommended for anyone with health problems, but also for pregnant or breastfeeding women. his

Do you want to buy poppers? The Jacquie et Michel boutique offers a large selection. We invite you to click on the image below to access it.


If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! You can also find us on Facebook if you don't have an Instagram account.

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